Our Story

Finer Kind is a 2022 startup retailer brand, founded and run by Ernestine, a 26-year old entrepreneur and Founder of the 2019 established jewelry line Flecked with Gold

As she discovered a love for luxury essentials and comfortable lounge wear, it sparked an idea to share her taste and more of her beliefs.

“I've always been into the idea of rewarding myself as a form of self-love and gaining experiences. I make sure what you see here and there reflect what I believe in. It brings inner peace being able to express my style and my passion through the businesses that I run, while endlessly inspiring those who find our products relatable. Mindfully go for what brings you joy without the feeling of burden or guilt right after.” 

Finer Kind aims to boost self-confidence and motivate you to reward yourselves by investing in simple luxuries. The goal is to achieve a lifestyle that you can maintain, and the comfort that you deserve.